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Program Name
RPA UI path
12 Weeks
Project Implementation
2 Projects
Batch Size
Not Required
Job Guidance
Yes (Supported by Placement Cell)
Start date   
June 29, 2019

Course Content Overview


  • What is UI path?
  • Why UI path?
  • Difference between traditional automation techniques and RPA

Introduction to RPA

  • About RPA
  • Demo on RPA Tools
  • Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Differences between Automation Tools
  • How to install RPA Tools


Basic Project Creation:

  • What are the different Designer Panels available
  • How to create different types of projects
  • Demo on all the types of project creation
  • Hands on on Project creation

Managing Variables and Arguments

  • How to create/assign variables
  • How to Managing Variables

Conditions, loops

  • What is Condition?
  • What are different conditional statements we have?
  • How to use conditions in Real Time and in RPA?
  • What is a Loop?
  • What are different loops we have?
  • How to use Loops in Real Time and in RPA?
  • Hands on on Conditions and loops.

Data Scraping:

  • What is Data Scraping
  • Different properties while scraping the data
  • Hands on on Data Scraping


  • What is Recording
  • Types in Recording
  • What is Automatic Recording
  • Example of Automatic Recording with Basic and Desktop
  • Example of Automatic Recording with Web
  • What is Manual Recording

Advanced UI Interaction

  • Input Methods
  • Output or Screen Scraping

Project 1


  • Introductions to Selectors
  • How to use Selectors with Wildcards
  • How to use Full selector and Partial Selectors
  • What is UiPath Explorer and Demo

Image and Text Automation

  • Demo on Image and Text Automation
  • Mouse and Keyboard Activities
  • How to read a Text and manipulate the data using text Activities
  • How to read a Text and manipulate the data using OCR Activities
  • How to read a Text and manipulate the data using Image Activities
  • Hands on on all activities

Citrix Automation

  • Introduction to Citrix Automation
  • How to use all the activities in Citrix Automation
  • How to Record using Citrix automation

Excel & Data Tables

  • Introduction to Data tables
  • How to read and write the data into an excel
  • How to perform Sorting, Coloring, Change font in excel
  • All other Excel Data Tables Activities
  • Hands on Excel Activities


  • Introduction to how to extract data from PDF
  • Types of reading a data from PDF
  • Data manipulation after reading a data and reuse it
  • Other PDF Activities

Email Automation

  • How to configure an Email ID to UI path
  • Types in configure an Email ID
  • All other Email Activities
  • Hands on on PDF and Email Automation

Debugging and Exception Handling

  • What is debugging and exception
  • What is Debug Workflow
  • How to handle an Exception

UiPath Orchestrator

  • Introduction to Orchestrator
  • Configure robot and Create environment in Orchestrator
  • How to handle data from server
  • How to add assets
  • How to add queue to orchestrator
  • How to create a transaction and run the bot in framework
  • Hands on on Orchestrator

Project 2

Interview Preparation

  • Mock Interview will be conducted.
  • Discussion on most expected interview questions
  • How to Prepare for Interviews
  • Discussion on Areas of improvement.

Resume Preparation

  • Placement Cell will be connecting with you on your Resume Preparation and Full Guidance will be assured.

Outcome of the Course

Candidate who completes RPA UiPath Program successfully: -

  • Will be able to work on any Application individually
  • Will be able to meet the Industry Expectations in RPAUiPath.
  • Will be able to crack interview.

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