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Selenium Training
Program Name
Selenium Expertise Program
8 Weeks
Project Implementation
2 Automation Functional Projects
Batch Size
Job Guidance
Yes (Supported by Placement Cell)
Start date
Aug 20, 2019 

Course Content Overview

Induction Program

  • Understanding the importance of learning Automation, Role of Automation Engineer in projects.
  • The detailed explanation of best practices to learn Selenium.
  • Guidelines for Getting started.

Introduction to Automation

  • What is Automation?
  • How we use Automation in Testing?
  • Different automation Tools in the market.
  • Differences between Manual and Automation Testing

Introduction to Selenium

  • What is Selenium?
  • Components of Selenium
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Selenium Tool.
  • Evaluation of Selenium Web Driver.

Introduction to Java

  • What is JAVA?
  • Why Java is required for Selenium
  • Java Architecture (JDK, JVM, Compiler, Interpreter, JRE).

Getting Started with Selenium

  • Installing Java
  • setting up selenium project.
  • Importance of IDE

Basics of HTML

  • What is HTML
  • Why HTML is required for Selenium
  • Understanding HTML
  • Understanding Concepts of Locators
  • How to inspect and identify different Locators

Basic Selenium Program

  • How to write Basic Selenium Program
  • How to use Locators in Selenium -
  • How to interact with Web Edit in Application
  • How to interact with Radio Buttons.

Basics of JAVA

  • What is a Package, Class and Method
  • Signature of a Class & Method
  • Understanding how to create classes and Methods in JAVA.
  • Predefined Classes and Methods in JAVA and Selenium

Conditions and Loops in JAVA

  • What is Condition?
  • What are different conditional statements we have in JAVA? -
  • How to use conditions in Real Time and in Selenium?
  • What is a Loop?
  • What are different loops we have in JAVA? -
  • How to use Loops in Real Time and in Selenium?

Team Building Activity

  • Team will be performing an activity to have interaction with all the Team Members

Selenium – Alerts

  • What do you mean by an Alert?
  • What are the different types of Alerts? -
  • How to Handle Alerts in Selenium.
  • How to Handle Sweet Alerts in Selenium

Selenium – Frames

  • What do you mean by a Frame?
  • How to Handle Frame in Selenium
  • Demonstration on Frame Handing in Real Time

Selenium – Windows

  • What do you mean by Window?
  • How to Switch between windows in Selenium.
  • Demonstration on Window Handling in Real Time.

Seleni um – Drop Down

  • How to select a drop down using selenium

practical session

  • Practical Exercises for Alerts, Frames and Windows

Static and Non Static in Java

  • What is Static Method in JAVA
  • What is Non Static Method in JAVA
  • What are the differences between Static and Non Static Method?
  • How to access Static and Non Static methods from different Classes?
  • Real Time Demonstration on Static and Non Static Methods

Arguments & Return Types in Java

  • Understanding importance of Arguments in JAVA
  • Usage of Argumentation in JAVA.
  • Data Types in JAVA
  • How to use Return Types

Method Overloading and Overriding

  • What is Method Overloading?
  • Understanding usage of Method Overloading in Real Time.
  • What is Method Overriding?
  • Understanding usage of Method Overriding in Real Time. -
  • Differences between Method Overloading and Overriding.

Inheritance, Interface and Abstraction

  • What is Inheritance?
  • Demonstration on Inheritance in Java
  • Understanding usage and Implementation of Inheritance in Java.
  • What is Interface?
  • What is Abstract Method?
  • Understanding usage and Implementation of Interface and Abstract Methods.

Selenium – Mouse Hover & File Upload

  • Understating how to perform Mouse Hover using Selenium
  • Different Ways of Performing Mouse Hover
  • How to perform File Upload in Selenium. -
  • Different Ways of File Upload techniques in Selenium.

Project Implementation

  • Team will be provided with one Real Time Project. Each Candidate will be developing a Framework using all the concepts covered so far.

Project Implantation

  • Writing Test Cases using Framework.
  • What is Junit?
  • What is TestNG?
  • Differences between Junit and TestNG
  • Basics of testNG
  • Implementation of TestNG in project.

  • Implementation of Advances TestNG topics.
  • Demonstration on Data Driven Testing.
  • Understanding Apache POI.
  • Integration of Excel with Java.
  • Performing Data Driven Testing in the Project.
  • Completing Project -1 Implementation

Java – String

  • What is a String in Java,
  • Mutable and Immutable Concepts
  • Understanding operations on Strings.
  • Demonstration on String Buffer and String Builder.
  • Differences between String, String Buffer and String Builder.

Java – Collections

  • Understanding importance of Collections in Java.
  • ntroduction to Collection Framework.
  • I Understanding different Classes and their importance in Collections.
  • Demonstration on Every Collection Class.
  • Real Time usage and implementation of Collections.
  • Practice Session for Collections.

Selenium – Xpath

  • What is Xpath.
  • Importance of Xpath in Selenium
  • Understanding differences between Absolute and Relative Xpath.
  • Learning how to write Relative Xpath.
  • Interacting with Web Table using Xpath.

Project -2 Implementation

  • Understanding drawbacks
  • Introduction to POM – Page Object Model.
  • Implementation of Page Object Model.

Project -2 Implantation

  • Understanding Reporting Mechanism -
  • Integration of Reports in Project -2
  • Writing Test cases using POM
  • Generation of Reports

Project -2 Implementation

  • Working on Properties Files.
  • Enhancing the Project with new Techniques.
  • Closure of Project -2


  • What is Maven?
  • How to Working on Maven Project.
  • Understanding How Maven Project Works.
  • Practical Session on Maven.

Selenium Grid.

  • Introduction to Selenium Grid
  • - Understanding how Selenium Grid works.
  • Practical Session on Selenium Grid.


  • Introduction to Jenkins.
  • Understanding how Jenkins works
  • Practical Session on Jenkins.

Interview Preparation

  • Mock Interview will be conducted.
  • Discussion on most expected interview questions.
  • How to Prepare for Interviews.
  • Discussion on Areas of improvement.

Resume Preparation

  • Placement Cell will be connecting with you on your Resume Preparation and Full Guidance will be assured.

Practice Sessions.

Outcome of the Course

Candidate who completes Selenium Expertise Program successfully: -

  • Will be able to work on any automation project individually.
  • Will be able to understand any kind of Automation Framework.
  • Will be able to design and develop Automation Framework.
  • Will be able to write Java Programs and will be Good in logical thinking.
  • Will be able to meet the Industry Expectations in automation.
  • Will be able to crack interview.

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